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Image of Bass String Necklaces [Pre-Order]

Bass String Necklaces [Pre-Order]


A necklace made from my used bass string, hand made by me. Every item is slightly different due to the string thickness and the handmade nature of the jewelry (also, I'm new to this!) They are all about 3.5cm in diameter.

It comes on a black hemp cord which is very adjustable and should be fine for all sizes!

Chose between red and black copper wire that holds the string in place.

Please note that music is my full time job, and not jewelry! There may be times when I am away touring and cannot make or send orders immediately. I will prepare and send them as soon as I can. Please get in touch if you have any concerns.

I will include one of the signed photos with the order. Let me know if you would like to request a specific one of the three!

*30/01/19 I've sold the first creations within a couple of hours of the website going live! Thank you! Any orders coming in the next few days will be posted out on the 8th of Feb, if everything goes to plan. Cheers everyone!